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Facial Oil

Facial Oil


Don't be scared of using oils on your face! This selection of highest grade facial oils regulates sebum actually keeping your skin in perfect balance. We custom mix six facial oils that heal, nourish, moisturize and repair skin. Reduces wrinkles, evens skin tone and promotes healthy cell reproduction. Can be used as is or mix into your favorite serum. A few drops is all you need for a noticeable difference immediately.

Jojoba Oil: is similar to the natural oils in the human skin and therefore is absorbed quickly without that greasy feel and is non-staining. Mimics and balances the sebum in skin, making it helpful in fighting acne. Using over time will shrink the size of your pores. Effectively treat acute skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.
Evening Primrose Oil: is applied to the skin for it's moisturizing and softening effects. Evening Primrose Oil is also the perfect choice for all of your mature skin care products where it offers support, for healthy skin physiology, relief for dry skin, and improves circulation.
Olive Squalane Oil is well known as Nature's Facelift. It is a botanical lipid that mirrors human lipids in molecular structure and weight. The olive squalane, is the plant-derived alternative to the animal-derived (shark liver oil) of the past. This valuable lipid is extremely compatible with the skin and is safe for all skin types, making it a great choice for regenerative skin care, and anti-aging products.

1oz bottle


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