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Lip Potion

Lip Potion


I know you all remember! That sugary sweet, super shiny lipgloss from the 80's that slid oh-so-slick across your *kissing lips in that rollerball bottle? I know I do, and I've put my own spin on it with our new Lip Potion. Made with think, nourishing castor oil and shiny coconut oil, and scented with sugared strawberries. You won't be able to stop rolling, or stop the kissing!

Coconut oil is widely recognized as the superior ingredient in hair and body products. It yields amazing hydration and helps skin retain moisture, so it’s perfect for preventing dry skin. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties, so it helps repair damaged skin and keep it healthy. Coconut oil is the base for all our lotions.


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