• Charcoal Wash

Charcoal Wash

Our signature foaming face gel is all revved up to tackle even the most stubborn skin.Treats acne and evens skin tone with deep cleansing activated charcoal and willow bark extract. Lactic acid helps decongest and exfoliate pores while white tea extract helps skin return to a stable moisture balance.  Especially helpful for changing temperatures and hormonal flare ups.

Willow bark extract has been shown to have soothing properties on irritated skin and works as an toning agent and mild cleanser. It also moisturizes the skin.
Activated charcoal has been treated with oxygen, which gives it the ability to act like a magnet for toxins and impurities. It has pulling qualities that deep clean without over-drying, calm both acne and redness, and give you a healthy glow. The idea behind using charcoal powder comes from its ability to purify and detoxify what it comes in contact with, and do it naturally. Its also a time-saver since it exfoliates, moisturizes, and acts as an antibacterial all in one wash.
4oz bottle.
  • $15.00